Dirty Devil packraft loop

Quick overview:
Last weekend in Feb, 2016, with my son and his buddy. Three days.
Easy hike down to put in, with a spring nearby. Maybe 3 miles.
Water level 100-120 cfs. Lots of hunting for the deeper channels. Some wading. In and out of the boat a lot. Still fun.
Excellent hiking in No Man’s and Larry’s.
Set off most of a day for the Burr Point exit. Incredible hike. 7 miles.
Lacking two cars so we did a bike shuttle. 18 miles of easy riding, avoiding the highway.
The pics:
The boys waking up the Angel TH
Down to the river
Getting clear cold water in Angel Cove. Never mind the dead duck we fished out first
Early on day 1
No Man’s Canyon
No Man’s Canyon
Bottom of Larry’s. Another big canyon with excellent hiking and scenery
On the second day on the river we made to a camp at the mouth of Twin Corral, arriving as the sun set
The boys harvesting tamarisk for the campfire
Crossing the river from camp to the hike out
On the Great Alcove route up to Burr Pt
Quite a few miles of the trail follow this sloping  bench
At times it looks the route won’t make it
The little climbing step right before topping out at the point

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