Nunatak changes hands


Tom started Nunatak in the late nineties, with fresh ideas about sleeping bags. Backcountry quilts, now an established concept, were hard to find commercially, and as such offered a substantial basis for an opportunistic gear head.

Around 2002 other fringe Nunatak products besides the quilts got things going, and Tom contacted me to join in. We had met 10 years earlier working at the old Capitol Hill REI in Seattle and since sealed the friendship with many backcountry epics.

During seven years in the shop together we firmly established Nunatak as a leader in ultralight high end down equipment offering unlimited custom options. In that period we launched the companion product to the successful Arc Alpinist quilt, namely the Skaha Down Sweater .

Moving with the family to the Southwest in 2009 had me looking to other aspects of the outdoor industry, mostly as an adventurous user as opposed to a tinkerer and innovator, until this past summer when Tom and I started talking about Nunatak again.

This time Tom felt like he needed, reluctantly, to let go completely of the company, as other ideas were starting  to take over. I, too, was ready for a change and finally on December 2, 2015 I acquired Nunatak.

I have based most of my life on the challenges of wilderness travel, alternately as a guide, writer, designer, and, probably more than anything, seeker of remote places.

I hope you will consider Nunatak Gear in your next quest for ultralight equipment!